Welcome to the archives! Some of these may be a little outdated, but there's gold in them there fields.

A Case for High School Math
I've come around to the idea that high school math is a gift. Not because of why high schools teach it. It's easy to algorithmically generate and test for; which can make it seem like a good use of time. It's easy to measure. It's nicer to tell parents; "after x years, your kid has improved by y". That's not why I think it's a gift, though.
Custom Web Components to Highlight Code
I’ve just been down a rabbit hole. It started with wanting to cut back on boilerplate and ended with being able to highlight code in Reveal.js using tempest/highlight. Along the way, I made my first web component.
Using Forms on Custom Filament Pages
Let me share a little secret with you, about Filament. You probably know you can make custom pages, but what’s not immediately obvious is that you can still use Filament’s form components without having to butcher a resource class or reinvent it from scratch. This isn’t well documented, but at least it’s easy once you know how…
Making a development app
I like to code on the go, but I don’t always like to bring my laptop with me. So, I’ve tried many iPad apps centred around coding, Git repository management, and code execution.
My boss won’t let me do this!
I have been in many discussions, usually about testing, which begin with these words. “They’re short-sighted”, and “They don’t understand the cost to their business” usually follow. Maybe the boss is right…
One of our goals, with Gitstore, is to make it as easy as possible for folks to sell their stuff. Today that meant I had to create a page where maintainers could go; to copy the code required to display a dynamic badge. The purpose of the badge is to click through to another page, where customers can immediately buy stuff.
Making a podcast app
I love listening to podcasts, but I can’t find an app to play them in that I really enjoy using. When you think about it, there are a lot of moving parts to making on of these apps. Let’s explore them.
“What is this s#*t?!”
A few days ago, Caleb Porzio demonstrated some work he’s been doing; to replicate Phoenix LiveView in Laravel. I’ve been building PHP preprocessor stuff for a long time, and this really inspired me to try the same thing.