OinkPop Privacy Policy

Last updated on 25th March 2024

OinkPop is a game where you help an oink get as many yums as their heart desires. You may have to exercise caution on behalf of said oink, because they have impulse control issues...

Data the app collects

The app does not collect any data. It doesn't ask for any permissions to collect data. It does nothing beyond what you can see and hear. It's not the kind of app that needs to collect data. Frankly, I'm not sure how much clearer I can be in this regard. No data is collected.

Data the app stores

Since the app collects no data, there is no data to store. The app doesn't even store a high score between games. The oink stores many yums, but this is unrelated to any kind of data being stored by the app.

How to be forgotten

Lead a life devoid of any purpose or benefit to those around you. Or lead a life where you don't harm others in memorable ways. Seriously, there's no app data to forget. I didn't even put analytics in this thing. It's just a game my kids enjoyed, and I wanted to see if I could publish it to App Store so they could play it on their iPads.