Last updated on 6th April 2024

Gitstore was a project I built, with Jason and Shawn. The idea was to make it easier for developers to rent out access to their private Github repositories, and to accept payments via PayPal or Stripe. At the time, nobody was doing this...

I remember working on the first release of Gitstore; from a coffee shop in Amsterdam, on the night before Laracon. Shawn had given me a batch of design improvements to make, and Jason had come to Laracon to help promote the release.

About an hour before we were going to give an unconf presentation, my wife messaged me that she was going into early labor. I left Jason to do the presentation.

After about 5 years building and maintaining Gitstore, we decided to shut it down. We had a handful of happy customers, but not enough to justify continued operation. We had also released a competitor to Spark v1, called Peddle.