Welcome to the archive of conference and meet-up group talks I've given. Some of them have content that was current when I gave the talk, but have become a little outdated over the years.

Zombies and Binary
Minecraft is a bit of a hidden gem when it comes to teaching. It’s capable of simulating computation and electronic circuitry. One of things that can’t be unseen once you know it’s there.
Build Your New Portfolio with FilamentPHP
The carpenter's chair is always broken. I get it; you're far to busy building cool web things to spend time on your portfolio. Especially when you've got so many cool features you want to add. That's where this talk can help you.
Monads in PHP
Many developers get lost in the hype of object oriented design. They miss out on how expressive and succinct their code could be if they tried functional programming.
Multi-tenant apps without fuss
Multi-tenant apps are cool because they can work for many brands, with a single codebase. They may generate more money than single-tenant apps, but they also tend to be a lot more complex. They don't have to be, though...
Building and Programming Robots
Who is your favorite superhero? Mine is Iron Man. Not because he’s noble or even very good. It’s because he builds cool suits. I’ve never felt more like Iron Man than when I modified a LEGO Technic set so that I could control it with computer code.
Cooperative Multitasking with Generators
One day, while staring out the window at all the async/await languages playing ball, I wondered what it would take to do the same in PHP. This talk became the answer to that question.
Laravel: Idea to Product
Got an idea for a product or service? Laravel is the perfect framework to get you up and running, fast! In this workshop, we'll take a simple product idea and build it into a live web app.
Procedural content generation with Godot
If you're building games on your own, you know how much effort is it is to make everything from scratch. Save yourself some time and generate some of your game's content. This talk covers the practical aspects of content generation. You don't need to know a bunch of dry math to make engaging content or follow along with this talk.